Choose from three different bases, two types of arms, the QuickPack option and accessories.

Base types


Plain and economic

The Eco floorstands offer basic functionality at affordable prices. Both the column and the base are fixed but the flexible arm allows a precise positioning.


Height adjustable

The Tele floorstands allow for mounting devices in elevated positions (e.g. for usage in hospital beds). The column includes a gas-spring to help you move the device upwards.


Height and width adjustable

Besides adjustability in height, the Vario floorstands offer a base with a variable width. This allows passing through narrow doors. Furthermore, the column can be centered or placed on a side.

Arm types

There are two types of arms to choose from, depending on the beneficiary’s needs — if he wants to adjust the device position by himself or needs a fixed position.


The “lock” arm is a Monty 3D arm with QuickShift levers perfect for achieving a fixed device position.


The “float” arm is a free floating articulated arm perfect for flexible positioning by the beneficiary with your fingertips. After the initial adjustment, the float arm keeps the device weight in balance at any position.

There are three different load capacity options available:

„Light“ 0,7 – 3 kg (1,5 – 7 lbs)

„Standard“ 2 – 6 kg (4,4 – 13,2 lbs)

„HD“ 6 – 11 kg (13,2 – 24,2 lbs)

QuickPack option “QP”

The optional QuickPack feature allows you to fold down the stands in no time. The handy transportation bag included allows you to conveniently travel with the equipment for usage in different locations. You will be amazed how lightweight a Rehadapt floorstand is – given the size and sturdiness of the products: only 9 kg (20 lbs)!

All classic floorstands – with “lock” arm

Classic Eco floor stand by Rehadapt

FS EcoLock

→ 17.1055
Classic Tele floor stand with adjustable height, by Rehadapt

FS TeleLock

→ 17.1050

FS TeleLock QP

→ 17.1052
Classic Vario floor stand with adjustable height and base, by Rehadapt

FS VarioLock

→ 17.1061

FS VarioLock QP

→ 17.1063

FS VarioLock QP Plus

→ 17.1093

All classic floorstands – with “float” arm

FS EcoFloat

→ 17.1070

FS EcoFloat HD

→ 17.1072

FS EcoFloat Light

→ 17.1080

FS TeleFloat

→ 17.1073

FS TeleFloat QP

→ 17.1074

FS TeleFloat Light

→ 17.1083

FS TeleFloat Light QP

→ 17.1084

FS VarioFloat

→ 17.1065

FS VarioFloat QP

→ 17.1066

FS VarioFloat Light

→ 17.1085

FS VarioFloat Light QP

→ 17.1086


Transportbag for FS QuickPack | 02.0003
Rolling transportation bag for the floorstand QuickPack models. Made from sturdy ballistic nylon. Heavy duty handles and zippers included.
FS GA Eaton 3S700D UPS | 17.2007
Adapter that holds the Eaton 3S700D (2010 and 2020 versions) uninterruptible power supply (UPS). To be fixed to the column of floorstands Classic and Penta.
FS Box 350x200x100 | 17.2006
Multi-purpose acrylic box ideal to hold clipboards, folders, A4-documents, etc. To be fixed to the column of any classic or penta floorstand. Size: 350 x 200 x 100 mm (14 x 8 x 4"). Load capacity: 1.0 kg (2.2 lbs).
FS Basket 200x150x150 | 17.2005
Multi-purpose sterilization basket to hold any type of objects. To be fixed to the column of any floorstand (classic or penta line). Basket size: 200 x 150 x 150mm (8 x 6 x 6"). Load capacity: 1.0 kg (2.2 lbs).
FS Laptop Tray | 17.2001
Multi-purpose tray to support laptops, papers, books etc. To be fixed to the column of any floorstand from the classic or penta line. Tray size: 430 x 315 mm (17 x 12.5").
FS set of cable clips | 17.0145
Set of cable clips to keep cables organized along floorstands. Includes 3 clips for Ø22 mm tubes and 2 clips for the floorstand column. Suitable for cables with a 3 mm diameter.

Replacement parts

Cap for hex bolt M8 | 01.0283
Cover for replacement of damaged or missing screw caps on Rehadapt floorstands.
Sleeve Bearing FloatArm | 01.0109
Replacement plastic bushing ring for Rehadapt floorstands with FloatArm. Allows for a smoother rotation of the arm in the telescopic or eco column.
FS-Classic Swivel Caster | 17.9540
Replacement caster for the classic floorstands (i.e. Eco, Tele and Vario). Threaded pin, washers, nut and cap included.