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Solutions that make life simpler

In the field of assistive technology we do everything we can to build solutions that make life simpler for all parties involved. Enhancing and expanding our modular system of mounting components leads to clever mounting solutions for each stage of a day. Learn more…

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Switch for AAC use, illustration, from Rehapdapt

& controls

& tablets


“Monty 3D”

for dedicated communication aids and computers at full weight

“Hybrid 3D”

new line of economic midrange mounts

“Light 3D”

for your Assistive Technology weighing less than three pounds

Our Rehadapt service

We do everything we can to build reliable solutions that make life simpler for all parties involved – in everyday life with different caregivers in varying situations. This is achieved through almost two decades of experience, a versatile system of components, and a unique service concept Learn more…