Mounting Solutions for Assistive Technologies

We are mechanical experts from Germany manufacturing for over two decades the world‘s leading mounting system to hold digital assistive technology in place.

„We hold your independence“

For many people accessing these devices is crucial for independent living. Whether it‘s a speech generating device from a nursery bed, a joystick to control a powered wheelchair or a desktop computer at work, always some piece of technology needs to be in reach and ready for action.

The needs are as individual as you are. This is where Rehadapt comes into the picture…

How to tackle complex challenges?
With a system!

Actually with a system which simplifies your life and not complicating it. Our comprehensive modular system of perfectly harmonized mounting components holds your essential technology in position.

Universal. Sturdy. Flexible. Adaptable.

These elements combined make your perfect mount for any device in any required spot to use through any stage of the day.

For example, our signature universal device socket allows to attach and detach your device to a mount quicky, easily and safely. This quick release interface has become the standard throughout the field of AAC.

Our 3D joints allow for seamless full 360° movement, super intuitive handling and tight fixation, even without applying tons of force.

Our tubes, made of aircraft-grade aluminium, ensure perfect sturdiness while being ultra-lightweight.

All those components are amended by a vast range of frame clamps so your equipment will fit to any wheelchair thinkable.

As our experience shows: this will definitely work for your client‘s wheelchair too!

With Rehadapt you are not on your own.

With our unmatched virtual mounting service, you‘ve got a dedicated team at your side. Just send us all the information relevant for a mounting proposal and let us support you.

Use our webform or our smartphone app to get in touch with our VMS team and let them engineer your perfect solution.

Learn more about our VMS

Furthermore we ensure that all of our partners are skilled and have 24/7 access to all necessary information and materials for training for the right usage of our products. You want to learn more about Rehadapt mounts? Follow our YouTube channel „Mounting Made Easy“ and get in contact with our sales team to plan a training session on site or virtually.

We know that our mounting solutions can simplify your life. Let us convince you by getting in touch with us and arranging a meeting with our sales team.

We look forward to hearing from you!