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Rehadapt and Regulatory Compliance

Rehadapt is the leading provider of mounting solutions for assistive technologies. Our collection of step by step assembly videos is called Mounting Made Easy.

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Mounting Made Easy videos will show customers how to assemble or service their mount, and provide detailed explanations of existing and new products.

Wheelchair mounting

The M3D Base Special Rotation Lock HD

How to keep your M3D joints working

How to use a M3D Swivel Unit S

How to use the UDS 22

How to use the M3D Universal Joint

What to consider when mounting on the left side

Round frame clamps RKL 25-45

Assembling the Monty 3D

Get the perfect match! All the frame clamps

Get the perfect match! All the measurements


Adjusting and disassembling the TeleLock QP

Assembling the TeleLock QP

Assembling the PentaFloat Eco

Table mounts

Assembling the table stand TS-XL

The flexibility of the ClampOnMount

Control Mounting

The Control Mount Kit


Cable management with cable clips

How to clean and disinfect Rehadapt products

The M3D Service Kit