Rich assortment of mounting elements to cover full range of Assistive Technology mounting needs. Allows for assessing positioning needs & practical handling of AAC equipment, but also building custom mounts to fit almost any wheelchair. The kit enables coping with tricky wheelchairs, double tube mounts for enhanced ruggedness, or unusual mount lengths. Includes a number of generic adapters, comes with a folding carry cart.

Positioning has always been the key to turn technology into Assistive Technology. Finding the right spot for devices, displays or access tools is an important part of every evaluation. The needs of assessment teams on that quest were guiding the development of the Rehadapt Assessment Kits.

  • Composed of field-tested assortments of items for real life scenarios

  • M3D/L3D parts for general and specialized wheelchair attachments

  • Held ready in highly durable, mobile, and easy to maintain cases

  • With helpful documentation, supporting beginners & advanced users

  • Heavily subsidized to make these essential tools truly affordable

  • with individual order codes that allow for life-long discounts when the kit needs to be re-stocked

  • Assessment Kit Premium


    TableWheelchairDedicated communication devicesSmartphones & tabletsSwitch & controlsH3DL3DM3DSLSUDS

    Full kit to assess mounting of any device or switch to wheelchairs, including sophisticated and Heavy duty setups. Selection holds all relevant items of Rehadapt portfolio. Cart included.

Replacement parts