The quick and easy way to your custom made wheelchair mount

We analyze your specific needs to provide you with the best mounting solution. For free!

One of our greatest passions is to engineer durable, and custom made wheelchair mounting solutions. You will benefit from our devotion to quality, during the many years of using your mount. All our mounts are manufactured in Germany, using high tenacity aluminum alloys, also found in leading-edge wheelchairs and aircraft design.

To build your customized wheelchair mount, we use our extensive knowledge, high-tech materials, and an ultra-precise manufacturing process — the result, a mount that is lightweight, rugged and personal.

VMS – virtual mounting solutions: a unique service powered by Rehadapt!


1) You ask

Send us pictures of your wheelchair and basic information about the chair and your device.


2) We engineer

Our experienced engineers will design a custom mounting solution within just three business days.


3) You approve

After 3 business days we send you a proposal with the visualized solution photoshopped into your


4) We deliver

We ship your pre-assembled individual solution within five business days after order.

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