Wheelchair mount with standard three-tube solution

Three-tube solutions for most wheelchairs.

Wheelchair mount suitable to be used with eye controlled communication devices

Double tubes for more rigidity at higher load.

Wheelchair mount with fold down tubes for easily getting in and out of the wheelchair

Folding mount for easy exiting and parking.

Wheelchair mount with short tubes, ideal for mounting aac devices on children's wheelchairs

Short mounting length ideal for children’s wheelchairs.

Wheelchair mount for extra offset

For extra offset without joints.

Wheelchair mount for switches and controls

The MiniClamp mounts are as quick to attach as they are to detach, but less bulky than the SuperClamp. They are ideal for round or oval tubes of typical wheelchair frame diameters, which makes them perfect for mounting switches!  Besides switches, our L3D mounts can also position controls like joysticks and proximity sensors on the wheelchair’s headrests or similar.