Independent communication for each stage of the day — this is our mission. Mounting AAC devices the right way is crucial to respond to customers needs. Rehadapt offers out-of-the-box and yet flexible solutions for most wheelchairs.

Mounting systems

There are many types of wheelchairs, some with significant differences between them. Regardless of the wheelchair, we will mount your communication device, switch or control so that it is secured and perfectly positioned for the beneficiary to use! Our system is easy to use and quick to adjust, even without tools. Learn more about our different mounting systems “Monty 3D”, “Hybrid 3D”, “Light 3D” and their bundles.

for devices up to
3 / 6 kg*
6 / 13 lbs
*with M3D Plus

Monty 3D
Outstanding mechanical properties for most wheelchair solutions.

for devices up to
1,8 kg
4 lbs

Hybrid 3D
Economically combining L3D-lightweight and the M3D-sturdiness.

for devices up to
1,2 kg
2,6 lbs

Light 3D
Lean and sleek design while still providing the core values of Rehadapt

Frame clamps

We offer a huge range of base clamps to secure our mounts to any manual or powered wheelchair.  So you have the ability to clamp onto any frame, armrest, footrest, or underneath the seat.

Rehadapt wheelchair mount bundles are following the requirements for a Medical Device and must have consistency and be labelled with a Unique Device Identifier (UDI). To achieve this without compromising the needed flexibility to meet individual client demands, we separated wheelchair mount bundles from frame clamps. Please do not forget to order your frame clamp in addition to the wheelchair mount.


For the sake of standardization as a Medical Device and simplification, some bundles include more parts than actually needed – a choice of tubes of varying length and both lever and bolt variations. Similarly, when delivering “QuickShift” levers for toolless operation, we also deliver the corresponding Allen screws – in case setups need to be secured. The additional tubes and parts provide more flexibility when assembling the mount.

Wheelchair mount with standard three-tube solution


Three-tube solutions for most common situations

Wheelchair mount suitable to be used with eye controlled communication devices


Longer arm with double tube option for more load capacity and stability at longer distance.

Wheelchair mount with short tubes, ideal for mounting aac devices on children's wheelchairs


minimized two-tube setup for children’s and sports chairs

Wheelchair mount for extra offset


Extra offset to position the device at a distance

Control mount


Rehadapt’s new mount for CoMoveIT Smart touching pads supports our goal in reaching the greatest possible independent mobility for people with complex movement disorders.

M3D mount for attaching the CoMoveIt Smart on the backrest of powered chairs. Flexible solution ideal for people with specific seating positions. Adjustment via QuickShift levers and locking bolts. Frame clamp not included.

Monty 3D CoMoveIT Smart | 11.8016
M3D mount for the CoMoveIT Smart Head Array. Adds the degrees of freedom needed to compensate for assymetric body posture and allows for quick readjustments for maximum user comfort. Frame clamp not included.