Welcome to the Rehadapt Service Center!

Our Service Center makes the maintenance and regular inspection of Rehadapt products as easy as they can be. Only available in the EU.

According to the Medical Device Regulation of the European Union, all medical products may only be used for limited amount of time before maintenance is required. This is supposed to not only ensure the best possible quality, but also the long-term safety for the usage of medical products. The lifespan of Rehadapt products is set to 5 years, starting at the date of purchase. We recommend a technical inspection every 2 years. 

If 5 years go by without a maintenance check done by the manufacturer, responsibility for the safety and functionality of the product transfers from the manufacturer to the user as regulated by the Medical Device Regulation. We at Rehadapt are critical of shifting the responsibility away from the manufacturer onto the user. Our goal is to fully support our customers continuously, even after 5 years have passed since our product was purchased.

For this intent, we established the Rehadapt Service Center (RSC). Maintenance in the RSC facilitates the usage of products until the end of their true service time, eliminating the necessity of pulling them from the market early for reasons of regulation.

The following steps are required for product maintenance with the RSC:

  • Register a service commission

    To order a service commission, simply fill out the form below, then send it to us. This procedure will lead to an obligatory invoice. As soon as the form reaches us, we will send out an RSC label via email. In order to send your product in, the RSC label must be attached to the outside of the package.
    Please note that we only accept shipments that were registered beforehand.

  • We inspect the product

    As soon as the product arrives, we will inspect it thoroughly to check for any parts that require maintaining. A complete cleaning and disinfection of the product is included.

    Rehadapt charges a service fee for the cleaning, disinfection, and inspection of function for the individual product, even if no maintenance will be ordered later.

  • We draw up an offer

    Via email, we will send you an in-depth list of the required maintenance as well as the estimated charges. We charge a flat rate for the exchanging of smaller wear parts; the rates for bigger repairments depend on the effort they require. Alternatively, we might be able to offer new products with a special costumer discount.

  • We deliver, following our costumer’s demands

    If you accept the offer, the respective product will be maintained in accordance. Afterwards, we will ship the product back to you or the place it will required at. Alternatively, upon inquiry, a new product will be shipped and the old one added to recycling at your expense.

  • We guarantee 5 further years of usage within the law

    Now, the product can be used for 5 additional years, with its usual pristine quality.  You may still make use of our regular warranty at any time.

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