We want to make working with our products as simple as possible – however, even after thorough planning, installing a mount could involve a number of issues, from your customer having a new wheelchair, to changing their mind about the position of the device.

In order for you to successfully complete the installation without having to order new parts and wait for the delivery, we have developed a handy bag that contains the most important materials and tools needed for small ad hoc changes, spontaneous maintenance or other unexpected requirements.

With our M3D Service Kit, consultants delivering devices with a M3D wheelchair mount will be prepared for a number of situations, saving time and money, and immediately providing a user-friendly solution to common problems.

The service kit is also useful when you visit a facility with several clients and find older mounts in poor shape. The tools and replacement parts contained in the kit will allow you to perform maintenance and leave your clients with mounts as good as new.

Everything neatly packed in a sturdy and stylish bag that is easy to transport.

  • Maintenance kit

  • Replacement parts

  • Small and light transportation bag

  • M3D Service Kit



    Small lightweight bag for the quick replacement of components of the M3D line. The kit includes tubes, frame clamps, joints and consumables, as well as measuring and adjustment tools.

Replacement parts