Eye Control Mounts

Our eye control mounts have longer tubes that allow you to position your communication device precisely, which enables you to communicate more efficiently and freely. The mounts are available in two versions, for AAC devices lighter or heavier than 3.2 kg (7 lbs). Learn more about the M3D mounting system in our knowledge database.

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  • Monty 3D EyeControl HD



    Heavy duty wheelchair mount for devices over 2.3kg/5lbs with double-Tube foundation and anti-sagging element. backlash-free, swivel function. Specify frame clamp upon order.
  • Monty 3D EyeControl



    QuickShift wheelchair mount with long Tubes. Fully 3D adjustment via levers, without tools. backlash-free, swivel functions (lever-locked). Specify frame clamp upon order.

Why “HD” Matters

The additional tube works as a supporting strut for more rigidity at higher loads. It is ideal for communication devices that use eye tracking and other devices weighing more than 3.2 kg (7 lbs).

Double tubing makes the mount more rigid to hold en eye controlled device.

over 3.2 kg 7 lbs

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