Economic rolling floorstand for positioning devices over beds, recliners or wheelchairs, with free floating articulated arm. Column height fixed.

super starkes Flugzeugaluminium
quick release system
The Floorstand chassis opens a wide area for the device to safely reach over, without compromi-sing stability. Low ground clearance allows for reaching under beds and sofas.
Quick Release system with two levers allows for safe device attachment within seconds. With a small footprint on the device, yet great sturdiness!
Adjustment by Fingertip! All device weight is carried by the OneHand Arm. Move your device effortlessly & free in 3D space!


Economic rolling floorstand for electronic communication devices, free floating articulated arm for tool-less device positioning. Low ground clearance for positioning devices over beds, sofas, recliners or wheelchairs. Column height approx. 103cm (40.5). Light weight yet with excellent stability.”


width79 cm
length79 cm
height103 cm
deviceheight85 - 120 cm
tube134 cm
tube233 cm
tube3- cm
weight8,2 kg
loadcapacity2,0 - 6,0 kg
width31,1 inch
length31,1 inch
height40,5 inch
deviceheight33,5 - 47,2 inch
tube113,4 inch
tube213 inch
tube3- inch
weight18,1 lbs
loadcapacity4,4 - 13,2 lbs
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