Telescopic floorstand on five-star base with casters to position communication aids over beds, sofas or wheelchairs with a small footprint. Available with Lock or Float arm and a double-clamp Universal Device Socket (UDS).

FS PentaLock Tele

→ 17.1100

FS PentaLock Eco

→ 17.1102

FS PentaFloat Eco

→ 17.1172
  • On a telescopic gas-spring loaded column.

without counterweight

  • On a rigid column optimized for nursing beds.

without counterweight 17.1103*

  • On a rigid column with floating arm.

without counterweight 17.1173*

*Pentalock floorstands always require a counterweight for safe operations! Variants without included weights are meant to save shipping costs and come with instructions how to add a locally obtained weight.

Replacement parts

FS-Penta Swivel Caster | 17.9541
Replacement caster for the penta floorstands (i.e. Eco and Tele). Can be simply popped in the chassis without requiring any tool.