Our Monty 3D productline

Monty 3D – the quasi-standard of all mounts – is the popular choice for most wheelchair solutions.

It consists of aircraft-grade aluminum tubes with outstanding mechanical properties and are perfectly round. That precision translates into maximum clamping force. Rehadapt’s signature tube joints allow for full 360° adjustment in all dimensions – equipped with Allen key screws or QuickShift levers.

highest precision for maximum clamping force

full 360° adjustments in all directions

quick release dovetail socket with small footprint

easy swiveling into different positions

For the user’s transition in and out of the wheelchair, the mount can easily be swiveled into three positions: operation, transfer and parking. Our universal device socket (UDS) includes our quick release system which allows for the safe device attachment within seconds. With a small footprint on the device, yet great sturdiness!