Our Light 3D productline

The Light 3D productline offers a lean and sleek design while still providing the core values of Rehadapt mounts, i.e. unlimited 3D adjustability and ultra strong aluminum tubes.

You can combine holders for all devices that weigh under 1.35 kg (3 lbs): iPads, tablets or smartphones, dedicated communication aids or accessibility tools like switches, joysticks or mice. You name it – we hold it!

By default Light 3D mounts economically end with a joint to chuck a pin from the device cradle („SLS”  for “Spigot Link System“). For more comfort the quick release socket can also be used („UDS” for “Universal Device Socket“). Learn more about our different quick release systems…

on wheelchairs

on Floorstand

Light 3D wheelchair mount with three Tubes, two joints with screw and one swivel unit, by Rehadapt

standard mounts

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Light 3D wheelchair mount, by Rehadapt

short mounts

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Universal mount kit for switches, to mount them to a wheelchair. Includes small Tube clamp, two tubes, QuickShift joints and the three most popular switch mount plates, by Rehadapt

mount bundles

for switches and controls

Mini floor stand for AAC devices, smartphones, tablets, and switches, by Rehadapt


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on tables

for beds

Light 3D table mount with two tubes and a clamp, by Rehadapt.


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Table mount

For switches and controls


See our Bedmounts with L3D arm