The right mounting apparatus can help to make an AAC device easily accessible wherever the user goes. It ensures that users can get the proper positioning to allow it to work. AAC devices use a range of interfaces to allow users to communicate and correct ergonomic positioning is extremely important in allowing users to operate them effectively without experiencing pain, strain or fatigue.

Unless mounts provide users and their support professionals with ease of access, there’s a risk that the device will not be used and this can have profoundly negative implications for the user. It can make them feel more withdrawn and erode their links to those closest to them as well as exacerbating the inherent frustrations of their conditions.

What’s more, a mount must be strong and stable. Every AAC device represents a great deal of investment, not just in monetary terms but in terms of the hundreds of hours spent setting up, training and learning for users, providers and carers. Without robust yet flexible mounting, users can live with the constant worry that their AAC device could be dropped or damaged.

Fortunately, there is a wide range of mounts available for every occasion. Everywhere an AAC user is likely to be, whatever they’re likely to do, there’s a mount to help them communicate while they do it. Of course, wheelchair mounts are hugely important but there are also mounts for positioning on floors, beds, tables, chairs, baths and anywhere else where this crucial assistive technology might be used.

By allowing the use of the AAC device to be comfortable, accessible and seamless, the user enjoys a greater quality of life and freedom of expression.

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We specialize in delivering the highest quality mounting solutions for people with disabilities and those who they rely on for their care. Our solutions are intended to provide ease of use for both parties so that fumbling, dropping, stress, and frustration are reduced and that clear, reciprocal communication is made effortless.

Of course, we are also always on hand to answer any questions you might have about which mounts are best suited to different AAC devices and different user needs. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about our mounts.