You need to make sure you get the most benefits from these devices, as their impact can be genuinely life-changing. This is all about ensuring it is in reach for the individual and positioned correctly at any given time, typically with a proper mounting system.

A device like this will mean countless button presses and screen activations over the day. Regardless of whether it uses touch screen control, switch scanning or eye gaze control, correct positioning is crucial for the system to work effectively. It needs to provide the optimum level of ergonomic positioning to avoid fatigue and support the highest rate of communication speed. The right position can also ensure that issues with posture can be prevented. That’s not just about comfort. Optimal mounting will ensure that the user is gaining the best quality of life and reducing further medical issues such as increased pain.

They can even help improve levels of inclusion. Devices that look bulky and overwhelming can be stigmatizing. A quality device that looks high concept and is fitted correctly can benefit the user’s perception of themselves and the perception of other people. They see them as an individual with more self-determination.

It’s important to be aware of the investment level for these devices too. The products are costly and resource intense, requiring hundreds of hours of consultancy, programming, and learning. They will also mean a great deal to the user. If it gets damaged, misplaced or forgotten, it can be devastating. With a communication mount, the device is secure and will always be exactly where an individual needs it, with no worry of it not being available due to repair or replacement.

Providing A New Level of Independence

Regardless of demographic, or individual traits, we all want our independence. The ability to do things without the assistance of others is a freedom that everyone should experience, and Assistive Technology devices can help. Fitted correctly and mounted securely, these devices can provide people with speech or mobility impairments a new level of interaction and engagement. Communication becomes easier, less stressful and daily life can be significantly improved. All it takes is for these devices to be set up the right way with a suitable mount and differences in interaction and independence can be absolutely incredible.

Ultimately everyone will benefit from these devices. Carers and individuals with disabilities will find that used the right way the complexities in life, both big and small are reduced. An ergonomic design removes the burdens and enables you and your loved one to lead a far more rewarding life.