Tablet Floor Stand

iPads and other tablets come in different shapes and sizes. Depending on your individual needs you may require a specific input method to control the tablet, be it touch, switch or eye gaze, etc. Your needs and preferences also dictate what kind of mounting solution that works best for you. Finding a mounting solution that is stable, easy to position and at the same time looks good can be a problem. But not with the universal tablet holder and the tablet floor stand.

Tablet Holder that works with iPad, Samsung Galaxy and other tablets

The universal tablet holder allows you to mount virtually any tablet from 7” to 13″, with or without a protective case, on any of the Rehadadpt’s UDS mounts. This gives you great opportunities to operate your tablet in any situation, 24/7, in a way that works best for you.

• Customizable holding points make it easy to fit any shaped tablet with or without a protective case between 7-13”, up to 36 mm thickness

• Compatible with Rehadapt Universal Device Socket (UDS), giving you a wide selection of mounts, allowing you to find the mount that perfectly fits your situation and needs

• The five holding points secure the device with minimal contact so that all connections are freely accessible and the view of the display remains unimpaired.

• The universal adapter enables you to keep up with advancements in technology. When you switch input methods or update your tablet, you can still use the universal adapter and mount

• Compatible with the EyeGaze Bracket (#16.1193) for those of you who use gaze input, or eye gaze as an input method for your tablet

Universal mount for tablets like Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy

More information about the tablet mount

To learn more about the tablet holder, what is in the box and how to mount your iPad, or any other tablet to it, please watch the following video (In German but with English subtitles).

Recommended Floor Stands for your tablet

The universal tablet holder is compatible with UDS, so you have the flexibility to choose a floor stand, tablet stand, wall mount or any other UDS mount. We recommend the following floor mounts for your tablet. Please note that there are more mounting systems for your iPad and tablet.

  • FS Mini



    Elegant floor mount with flat base for positioning of lightweight devices with gooseneck for easy adjustments. UDS included. Rollable when tilted. Load capacity: 1.2 kg (2.5 lbs).
  • FS Mini HD



    Elegant floor mount with flat base for positioning of lightweight devices with Light 3D tubes and QuickShift handles. UDS included. Rollable when tilted. Load capacity: 2.0 kg (4.4 lbs).

    with rigid tube

  • FS PentaLock Tele



    Telescopic floor mount on five-star base with casters, to position communication aids over beds, sofas or wheelchairs. Classic floorstand arm with double-clamp UDS & QuickShift joints on a small–footprint base. Load capacity: 5kg (11lbs).

    height adjustable pole

  • FS TeleLock



    Telescopic rolling floorstand for positioning devices over beds, recliners or wheelchairs. Overhanging arm composed of Monty 3D tubes. Gas spring supported height adjustment. Load capacity: 10 kg (22 lbs).

    height adjustable pole