With its L3D, M3D and H3D mounts Rehadapt offers the best mounting system on the market. With our Magic Arm components you are able to combine your existing mount with parts of the Rehadapt ecosystem.

The arm

The Magic Arm features a variable friction arm with balljoints and one locking knurled knob for quick and easy positioning.

MagicArm for Wheelchair | 15.1034
MagicArm (MA) for mounting on a wheelchair. Features a variable friction arm and a base compatible with all Rehadapt frame clamps. Load capacity: 3.0kg (6.6lbs). Frame clamp not included.
MA-Base Special | 15.1032
Mount-side half of a base unit to mount the MagicArm (#15.1000) on any wheelchair. Compatible with any frameclamp (sold separately). The MagicArm can be easily clamped/released via a QuickShift lever.
MagicArm with SuperClamp | 15.1000
MagicArm (MA) including the SuperClamp - a versatile clamp for angular or round elements sized 13-50 mm (0.5-2"). The articulated arm features balljoints and a locking knurled knob.

You can find more about the SuperClamp in the “Base” section.


The Magic Arm is typically used for lightweight devices like switches and light consumer devices like tablets.

for switches

MA-AbleNet BigRed

→ 15.1002

MA-AbleNet JellyBean

→ 15.1003

MA GA Universal#1

→ 15.1035


→ 15.1007

MA Buddy/Specs/Little Candy Corn/Orby Switch

→ 15.1006


→ 15.1010


→ 15.1021

MA-SPTalker HD

→ 15.1014


→ 15.1015

MA-GoTalk Express32

→ 15.1022

MA-GA Lifeproof AMPS

→ 15.1027

MA-Headless Screw

→ 01.0012

for tablets

MA GA Universal Tablet 7"-13" | 15.1033
Highly adjustable tablet holder for mounting any tablet from between 7” and 13" to a wheelchair with a Magic Arm (MA). The tablet mount works with Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy tablets, with and without without protective cases. Adjustable with knobs you can easily mount your iPad or any other tablet. Compatible with the EyeGaze Bracket (#16.1193).
MA-GA iPad 2,3,4 | 15.1024
Device cradle for mounting iPad 2,3 or 4 to MagicArm.
MA-GA iPad mini 1-3 | 15.1025
Device cradle for mounting iPad mini 1,2 or 3 to MagicArm.
MA-GA iPad 5/ Air 1 | 15.1026
Device cradle for mounting iPad 5/Air 1 to MagicArm.
MA-GA iPad Air 2/Pro 9,7" | 15.1028
Device cradle for mounting iPad Air 2/Pro 9,7" to MagicArm.
MA-GA iPad 2,3,4 Defender Case | 15.1029
Device cradle for mounting iPad 2,3 or 4 in OtterBox Defender case to MagicArm.
MA-GA iPad mini 4 | 15.1030
Device cradle for mounting iPad mini 4 to MagicArm.