Rehadapt’s signature joints for full 360° adjustment in all dimensions with different options.

M3D 22-22 joints


Adjusting the joint with an Allen bolt.

QuickShift lever

With additional QuickShift lever to adjust without tools.

Screw & lock

Additional Allen bolt locks the tube’s movement.

QuickShift lever & lock

Additional QuickShift lever to adjust without tools andAllen bolt to lock the tube’s movement.


Sleeve that allows a device adapter or tube with a smaller diameter to be clamped on L3D10 joints.

for Ø 6 mm (15/64”) 14.0106

for Ø 8 mm (5/16”) 14.0108

Ratchet Joint

Features a ratchet mechanism for a stepwise range of adjustment of 180°. Individual locking of the tubes and ratchet with Allen bolts. 

Connects two Ø22mm (7/8″) tubes

Connecting different tube diameters

Combined diameters Screw Screw & lock QuickShift lever OS level & lock
M3D22 to M3D22 11.1300 11.1305 11.1350 11.1355
M3D22 to L3D16 14.1203 14.1253
M3D22 to L3D10 14.1204 14.1264
L3D16 to L3D16 14.1200 14.1257 14.1250 14.1254
L3D16 to L3D10 14.1201 14.1258 14.1251* 14.1255
L3D10 to L3D10 14.1202 14.1259 14.1252 14.1256

*variant with a smaller lever for a smaller footprint (14.1271)