Rehadapt’s signature joints for full 360° adjustment in all dimensions with different options.



Adjusting the joint with an Allen bolt.

QuickShift lever

With additional QuickShift lever to adjust without tools.

Screw & lock

Additional Allen bolt locks the tube’s movement.

QuickShift lever & lock

Additional QuickShift lever to adjust without tools andAllen bolt to lock the tube’s movement.


Sleeve that allows a device adapter or tube with a smaller diameter to be clamped on L3D10 joints.

for Ø 6 mm (15/64”) 01.5993

for Ø 8 mm (5/16”) 01.5994

Connecting different tube diameters

Combined diameters Screw Screw & lock QuickShift lever OS level & lock
M3D22 to M3D22 11.1300 11.1350 11.1355
M3D22 to L3D16 14.1203 14.1253
M3D22 to L3D10 14.1204 14.1264
L3D16 to L3D16 14.1200 14.1257 14.1250 14.1254
L3D16 to L3D10 14.1201 14.1258 14.1251* 14.1255
L3D10 to L3D10 14.1202 14.1259 14.1252 14.1256

*variant with a smaller lever for a smaller footprint (14.1271)