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Rehadapt offers the highest precision for clamping on a plethora of wheelchair frames with different profiles, diameters and sizes.

Round clamps

Frameclamps for wheelchair frames with a round profile.


Rehadapt standard frame-clamp for use in most common situations. Extendable with differents sleeves to fit especially small or oval-shaped tube profiles.

Ø 25 mm 11.1125
Ø 26 mm 11.1126
Ø 28 mm 11.1128
Ø 29 mm 11.1129
Ø 30 mm 11.1130
Ø 32 mm 11.1132
Ø 34 mm 11.1134
Ø 35 mm 11.1135
Ø 36 mm 11.1136
Ø 38 mm 11.1138
Ø 40 mm 11.1140
Ø 42 mm 11.1142
Ø 45 mm 11.1145


Sleeves to support different diameters of frame tubing.

Sleeves that allow frame clamp to mount on wheelchair frame tubing with a Ø19mm (¾”).

For tubes smaller than 25 mm (use with 11.1125). Only for round frameclamps.

Ø 25 mm to 19 mm 01.2519
Ø 25 mm to 20 mm 01.2520
Ø 25 mm to 21 mm 01.2521
Ø 25 mm to 22 mm 01.2522
Ø 25 mm to 23 mm 01.2523

Sleeves for the oval frame tubes of the Sunrise Medical wheelchair (use with 11.1136).

Ø 36 mm to 33 x 26,5 mm 01.3633

Sleeves for the oval frame tubes of the Rifton Pacer wheelchair (use with 11.1145).

Ø 45 mm to 44,5 x 22,25 mm 01.3634

Sleeves for the oval frame tubes of the R82 wheelchairs (e.g. Multiframe) (use with 11.1140).

Ø 40 mm to 40 x 21 mm 01.4021

Round & semi-open

Applicable when the frame tube is partially obstructed (e.g. overlying seat).


Rehadapt semi-opened clamp for use in situations where the tube is not fully accessible. Not compatible with sleeves.

Ø 16 mm 11.1416
Ø 19 mm 11.1419
Ø 20 mm 11.1420
Ø 21 mm 11.1421
Ø 22 mm 11.1422
Ø 23 mm 11.1423
Ø 24 mm 11.1424
Ø 25 mm 11.1425
Ø 26 mm 11.1426
Ø 27 mm 11.1427
Ø 28 mm 11.1428
Ø 29 mm 11.1429
Ø 30 mm 11.1430
Ø 32 mm 11.1432

Rectangular clamps

Frameclamp for rectangular wheelchair frame elements with different thicknesses.

T-Nut rails

Frameclamps with T-nuts for C-profile railings. Commonly suitable for powered wheelchairs.

with threaded holes

Frameclamps with threaded holes of different diameters.

  • M3D RAD-Per Uni



    Universal M3D frame clamp for the following Permobil chairs & seats: Hexior, Canto, Corpus, Corpus Jr, Vertical, Stander, KB, Lowrider, Chairman HD, Street, Miniflex, Koala, Playman, Robo.
  • M3D RKL-M8



    Monty 3D special clamp with M8 thread for wheelchairs with Ø8 mm threaded holes.
  • M3D RKL-M6



    Monty 3D special frame clamp with M6 thread for wheelchairs with Ø6 mm threaded holes or M6 thread.
  • RKL-M8-Mini



    Monty 3D special frame clamp with M8 screws for mounting under the crash bracket of the wheelchairs with Ø8 mm threaded holes.

saddle washers

Saddle washers for mounting a flat frame clamp onto a wheelchair tube with Ø6-8mm holes

other frameclamp solutions

At Rehadapt we try to provide clamps for every possible wheelchair frame. If you can’t find any fitting for your needs feel free to contact us.

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