vms to go

Your mounting solution in your hands

Guided request form for a virtual mounting solution powered by Rehadapt. Collect your data offline and save for later completition.

  • collect all necessary information and pictures offline in one place
  • GDPR compliant data protection
  • multilanguage support

Our Virtual Mounting Service is unique. It provides the best mounting solution because we respond to your specific needs. To make the workflow even more convenient for you we invented the “VMS to go” app. It gives you all the necessary tools to collect the required information in one place for a complete VMS request – even when you are offline.

Step by step guide through the app

The VMS to go app welcomes you with four main menu items and a big “+” plus button to start right away a new request for a virtual mounting solution.

Brings you back to the start screen

Shows the history of sent or started VMS requests sort by date

Explanatory notes around the VMS topic.

Switch your prefered language or default field values.

Here you find the history of your started or sent VMS requests.

The envelope on the left side of each line indicates if you already sent this request (envelope closed) or if it is still a draft.

With a swipe to the left you can delete a record from your history. Be carefull: this can not be undone.

In the settings section you can personalize your VMS request experience.

Choose your language which will not only affect the user interface inside the app but also the language of the email the recipient will read.

Once set up you don’t need to fill out this field inside your email app.

To avoid typing in all your personal data again and again for every VMS request you can decide to prepopulate the fields when starting a new VMS.

Please follow carefully the instructions and recommendations the app is giving you. The most important information are high quality pictures and the wheelchair type.

At the end you will find a summary explaining exactly what is missing for a 100% “healthy” VMS request. The more detailed the information is the more accurate can be our solution.

During the steps you will find helpfull links (marked as blue text) to give you hints how to fill out the corresponding field.

For navigation you can either swipe left or right or just tap of one of the dots at the bottom of the pages.

If you have further questions or suggestions please let us know. The official email for that is appsupport@rehadapt.com.

Please refer to the exact version number of your app when writing an email. You find the current version of your app at the top of the settings panel.