To position a communication device sounds as challanging to you as climbing the Mount Everest? That is what we want to change!

“How to mount an eyetracker to a powered wheelchair full of special controls and mechanical features?” “What is the best location for a mount to clamp?” “How can I add a second switchmount without wasting space for other wheelchair equipment?”

Together we will find a way!

While we try to simplify the work of our partners with our VMS service and our new service kit, achieving the perfect mount can still be challenging. The best way to become an expert is through hands-on experience. That is why Rehadapt started organizing regular training events – the Rehadapt Mounting Days.

In these hands-on workshops we elaborate together to find the quickest and most expedient mounting solution. With a wide range of wheelchair types you will learn real-world situations as you find in the field. The course will allow you to broaden your knowledge and adding efficiency, economy and quality in providing mounting solutions.

If you are interested and want to know when the next Rehadapt Mounting Days will start just give us a call!