Strong through diversity

All over the world a large number of individuals struggle to communicate, or to access information and communication technology. Some of these men, women and children may have special needs due to a disability, some are battling a terminal disease; others are veterans, fighting their way back into civil life. Some of these folks are famous, but many remain unknown.

“Our diversity is an invaluable asset. Diversity makes us strong, and it helps us to help better.”

At Rehadapt, it is our passion to help these special individuals reduce barriers to social life. In over 35 countries clients are relying on Rehadapt products to access their essential communication tools. Whether in the blistering cold of Northern Finland or in the blazing Sun of New Mexico – our solutions help people living independent lives. Whether in South African Townships, the Australian Outback or the hearts of Boston, Berlin or Buenos Aires – we contribute to lives in dignity.

Many hands and brains are needed to create our solutions. Our unique team is assembled of individuals of all ages, of different religions and various descent. My colleagues have origins in a dozen countries from five continents. They are locals, they are immigrants and some are refugees.

Each of them brings a unique treasure of experiences, a broad variety of skills, their very own creativity and their personal mindset – and we wouldn’t want to miss a single one of them.