Specialized in special needs

The clients we serve with our mounting products are characterized as having “special needs”. Another common term is having “complex communication needs”. Do those labels really indicate there are different requirements than any other consumer? In many aspects the lines between consumer goods and Assistive Technology get blurry – as seen in the increasing use of iPads in the field.

Still there is a difference between technology use of random consumers and persons with disabilities: the computer, access tool or communication aid often can’t be used if it is not positioned appropriately. Either it can be used in a certain setting, say, within that one wheelchair, nursery bed or standing device; or it is of no use at all. We have to make it work under all circumstances – alternatives are simply just not given.

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“The equipment needs to just work… intuitively, reliably, and simple!”

That triggered Rehadapt to build a complete ecosystem of mounting components. In a smart, modular way we can mount more or less anything, anywhere and provide it at all phases of the day. Yet the great challenge is not just that – any mechanical problem can get solved by throwing enough resources at it.

The real touchstone is solving the problems without adding more complexity to the client’s life. In daily use, with various caregivers, in ever changing situations, the equipment needs to just work… intuitively, reliably, and simple.We achieve that through our unique service concept, our design experience, the universality of our systems, with our high quality standards in production and our holistic view even on specific problems. What we achieve is truly special: serving complex needs with sophistication, but without increasing complexity.