FS-PentaFloat Eco


Rolling floor mount on five-star base to position communication aids over beds, sofas or wheelchairs. Column with fixed height and free floating articulated arm. Load capacity: 2-3.5 kg (4.4-7.7 lbs).


The PentaFloat floorstand combines two important features to provide a communication aid: the “floating” arm allows the device to be moved without effort into various positions. At the same time, the five-star base is both compact and mobile. With its 5 casters the PentaFloat can be quickly pushed out of the way, but the rollers can also be locked. Rehadapt’s double-clamp UDS is included for attaching and detaching the device in the blink of an eye. The floorstand supports devices from 2-3.5 kg (4.4-7.7 lbs).