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Today more than ever we are dedicated to engineering versatile, durable and precise mounting solutions. We are happy to continue our hard work to provide you with new products designed to meet the specific needs of your clients.

Please keep in touch. We want to hear how you are doing and what we can do to help.

Your Rehadapt team

Meet the team

As a result of incorporating an outstanding work ethic paired with quality products the company now employs over 40 people and sells world-wide. We continue to push the boundaries of research and development in order to meet the complex and unique needs of our customers.

Rehadapt North America’s branch is located in Charlottesville, VA serving our United States and Canadian customers. Rehadapt Engineering is a worldwide leader in the manufacturing of specialized mounting systems. With many years devoted to design and craftsmanship, Rehadapt has refined the mounting system and thus redefined the way devices are mounted. We strive to provide both technical and sales service at the highest quality.

Maggie Mahoney
Maggie MahoneyBSBE, ATP
CEO Rehadapt North America

Matt Powers
Matt PowersCCC-SLP
COO Rehadapt North America
Bill Maher
Bill MaherVice President of Services
North America
Robert Kohls
Robert KohlsDirector of Sales & Training