“Our diversity is an invaluable asset.
Diversity makes us strong, and it helps us to help better.”

Uli Ehlert, CEO, Rehadapt Engineering Gmbh & Co. KG
The clients we serve with our mounting products are characterized as having “special needs”. Another common term is having “complex communication needs”. Do those labels really indicate there are different requirements than any other consumer? In many aspects the lines between consumer goods and Assistive Technology get blurry – as seen in the increasing use of iPads in the field. Still there is a difference between technology use of random consumers and persons with disabilities: the computer, access tool or communication aid often can’t be used if it is not positioned appropriately. Either it can be used in a certain setting, say, within that one wheelchair, nursery bed or standing device; or it is of no use at all. We have to make it work under all circumstances – alternatives are simply just not given.

That triggered Rehadapt to build a complete ecosystem of mounting components. In a smart, modular way we can mount more or less anything, anywhere and provide it at all phases of the day.

Yet the great challenge is not just that – any mechanical problem can get solved by throwing enough resources at it. The real touchstone is solving the problems without adding more complexity to the client’s life. In daily use, with various caregivers, in ever changing situations, the equipment needs to just work… intuitively, reliably, and simple.

We achieve that through our unique service concept, our design experience, the universality of our systems, with our high quality standards in production and our holistic view even on specific problems. What we achieve is truly special: serving complex needs with sophistication, but without increasing complexity.

All over the world a large number of individuals struggle to communicate, or to access information and communication technology. Some of these men, women and children may have special needs due to a disability, some are battling a terminal disease; others are veterans, fighting their way back into civil life. Some of these folks are famous, but many remain unknown.

At Rehadapt, it is our passion to help these special individuals reduce barriers to social life. In over 35 countries clients are relying on Rehadapt products to access their essential communication tools. Whether in the blistering cold of Northern Finland or in the blazing Sun of New Mexico – our solutions help people living independent lives. Whether in South African Townships, the Australian Outback or the hearts of Boston, Berlin or Buenos Aires – we contribute to lives in dignity.

Many hands and brains are needed to create our solutions. Our unique team is assembled of individuals of all ages, of different religions and various descent. My colleagues have origins in a dozen countries from five continents. They are locals, they are immigrants and some are refugees.

Each of them brings a unique treasure of experiences, a broad variety of skills, their very own creativity and their personal mindset – and I wouldn’t want to miss a single one of them.

After working for many years for an AAC company in Germany, in 2001 Josh Lengemann, CEO decided to use his experience he gathered about the AAC field and his knowledge as Mechanical Engineer to develop a simple yet strong and versatile mounting system unifying several improvements. That same year the company Rehadapt Engineering was founded. Design was turned into a real product a year later, made by external companies, assembled in-house and well accepted by our first customers. Within a short time, modest in-house production was necessary to catch up with constant expansion of the product range and growing demand from our customers. In-house production was realized in a small room half size of a garage located in an apartment building in the city of Kassel, Germany.

By that time Josh and his wife where living in a small 4th floor apartment of that same building. Several extensions have been done and the company moved to more modern and bigger facilities to get more space for workers and machines. Exports to other EU-states started in 2005, to the US and other countries around the globe in 2007.

As a result of incorporating an outstanding work ethic paired with quality products the company now employs over 30 people and sells world-wide. We continue to push the boundaries of research and development in order to meet the complex and unique needs of our customers.

Our Rehadapt North America’s branch is located in Charlottesville, VA serving our United States and Canadian customers. Rehadapt Engineering is a worldwide leader in the manufacturing of specialized mounting systems. With many years devoted to design and craftsmanship, Rehadapt has refined the mounting system and thus redefined the way devices are mounted. We strive to provide both technical and sales service at the highest quality.

Maggie Mahoney
Maggie MahoneyCEO Rehadapt North America
Matt Powers
Matt PowersCOO Rehadapt North America
Bill Maher
Bill MaherVice President of Services North America
Robert Kohls
Robert KohlsDirector of Sales & Training Europe