The new mounting system for the home care sector

Home care reconsidered

The new mounting system for the home care sector

Easy assembly

Numerous accessories

Fully equipped care situations without a nursing bed

Home care reconsidered!

Welcome to Clever Care, the innovative mounting system designed to enhance both private and professional caregiving situations. 

Discover for yourself how our system saves space, improves safety, and enhances the quality of care for patients, caregivers, and family members through customizable adjustments.

A Clever Care mounting system means safety, comfort, and flexibility for both medical staff and patients.

It contributes to optimizing workflows in healthcare and improving the quality of patient care.

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All necessary devices are directly at the bed and thus quickly and easily reachable. This can be crucial in an emergency and simplifies the daily care routine.


The working height of the devices can be optimally adjusted, allowing for an ergonomic working method for the nursing staff and reducing physical strain.


Fixed mounting points can be designed in such a way that they are easy to clean and do not offer hidden corners where contamination could accumulate. 

Exchangeable parts can be cleaned or sterilised more easily than fixed components. This is especially important in an environment where infection control is crucial.


Clever Care is a modular system that enhances the functionality of any standard care bed. It always takes into account both the therapeutic needs and medical situations of the patient as well as the specific features of the care bed. 

Changed requirements do not force a new system, but can be met with small extensions.


Clever Care enables the introduction and maintenance of a professional standard in both private and professional care environments. 

This can minimize incomplete or incorrect caregiving actions by nursing services or family members.


The bed can be moved more easily since there‘s no need to rearrange separate devices. This simplifies room cleaning and allows the patient to be moved to a different room when necessary.

Increases safety

The risk of tripping hazards from cables or hoses is reduced, as everything is neatly attached to the bed. This increases the safety for the patient as well as for caring relatives and nursing staff. 

Since all devices are permanently installed and organized, the risk of operating errors due to confusion or incorrect settings is reduced.

Saves space and time

Clever Care avoids the usual widespread and random distribution of therapy devices on surrounding furniture. 

The integration of all necessary care and ventilation devices directly onto the care bed is particularly advantageous in a domestic environment with little available space. 

This also saves time for caregivers, as they do not have to switch between different devices, but have everything within reach.

Complete Systems

System S

Dedicated to ventilation with humidifier and drip stand.

System M

Dedicated to ventilation with humidifier, rotatable drip stand, device tray, cable management.

System L

Dedicated to ventilation with humidifier, rotatable drip stand, two device trays, catheter tube, cable management, support beam with suction cup.

System XL

Dedicated to ventilation with humidifier, rotatable drip stand, two vertical fixed carrier beams, two device trays, catheter qiver, cable management.

System XS

Purely dedicated to ventilation or survey.

Innovative infusion stand with modular hook system

The infusion stand includes a swing-arm construction when necessary, allowing for flexible positioning over the patient. At the top, there is a modular hook system that allows for the exchange of standard hooks with specialized components such as tube holders or cable guides.

System Nightstand

Creating fully equipped care situations – without a nursing bed. The Clever Care system for Nightstands brings care comfortably into any living room or to a standard bed. 

The system is designed for ventilation with humidifier, swiveling drip holder, device tray, and cable management. 

Clever Care Tube Holder

The Clip Mount is centrally mounted on profiles or other substructures. Accessory parts – such as hooks for hoses or cables – can be clipped into the mount without the need for tools and can be removed as needed. Once mounted, the accessory parts cannot be lost. 

Depending on the configuration, the Clip Mount can be used to hang, secure, or guide a variety of items in the caregiving environment. The various accessory parts allow the Clip Mount to be adapted to different medical situations and requirements.

Features & Accessories

Benefit from decades of experience

Clever Care is a new mounting system powered by Rehadapt. For two decades, Rehadapt has been globally recognized for mounting systems that securely position assistive technologies for optimal user experience.

Our extensive experience in the medical device sector makes us the ideal partner for all types of professional mounting requirements in the medical sector, in laboratory settings, in the rehabilitation sector and in the care environment.

The Clever Care System is ideal for holding complex care systems, consisting of:
• ventilation equipmentand hoses
• stationary pulse oxymeter
• blood pressure monitoring equipment
• long-term ECGs
• environmental controls
• iPads & smartphones
and much more…