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    Let Alex tell you why it's comfortable to him using his NovaChat in combination with a Rehadapt mount and how his mother finally found this right solution.

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    Rehadapt is the world's leading manufacturer of mounting assistive technology.

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    With Rehadapt's modular mounting systems you are prepared for changes.

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Our solutions

"...for Individuals"

Virtual Mounting Solutions

Creating your perfect mount

We provide end-to-end solutions to mount your essential technology wherever you need it. Our unique and free service "VMS" lets our engineers design the perfect customized mount for you or your client. The process means minimum work on your end but maximum outcome!

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"...for AT Professionals"

Assessment Kit

Turn you into a mounting expert

Obtain professional tools and expert training to serve your clients with profound positioning and mounting skills. We have provided thousands of mounting solutions around the globe, often in highly individual setups. We are happy to share our knowledge and transfer mounting expertise to the field.

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"...for AT Industry"

Quick Release Systems

Connect to the Rehadapt Ecosystem

If your products are designed to meet special needs, special positioning or pervasive availability may be important. By connecting to the Rehadapt ecosystem you can boost the value of your products for a huge target group and widen your portfolio.

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Our ecosystem

Rehadapt connects ANY Assistive Technology item
positioned securely in ANY situation or location

Our products

Monty 3D

The extensive and resilient modular system to mount communication devices and computers to wheelchairs or other mobility aids.

Light 3D

Lightweight items such as tablets, switches or smartphones can get positioned virtually anywhere with the Light3D product line.

Floor Stands

To hold Assistive Technology available next to a bed, a recliner chair or just free standing in the room, our floorstands are unsurpassed.

Table Tops

When devices need a certain position or ruggedness on a table, our tabletop products excel through their flexibility and sturdiness.