Dear customers, partners and friends,
there is seriously good news to share!


We are proud to announce that Rehadapt has decided to join Tobii Dynavox. As the world leader in assistive communication and the premium provider of mounting solutions in assistive technology we teamed up to serve more people with disabilities who need support communicating. Both companies are passionate about improving the industry standards for assistive communication and shape its future.


Rehadapt will continue to serve the entire industry with our products and services and will be run as an independent company under the current management. Over the last decades we have built a strong organization, which will continue to operate under the familiar Rehadapt brand.

Rehadapt 2.0

Through this collaboration, we avoid future risks and gain the ability to develop products much faster and more purposefully. We greatly expand our reach and can now connect with people to whom we currently have no access. 

Rehadapt will not only remain on the market but will be much stronger than before.

Looking forward for the next decade of fruitful cooperation with you all!

Uli Ehlert,
CEO Rehadapt Engineering

P.S. We will of course personally get in touch with our partners to give detailed information. Please feel free to contact us in case of any questions.


What is the rationale behind the acquisition?

Tobii Dynavox and Rehadapt have highly complementary core areas of expertise. Tobii Dynavox’s core expertise is the development, sales and support of its clinically developed assistive communication, while Rehadapt’s core expertise is mounting solutions for assistive technology. By bringing together the expertise in these technologies, Tobii Dynavox can accelerate the development of solutions for the entire industry and offer more integrated solutions for our customers.

What will happen to existing Rehadapt customers?

There will not be any change for current Rehadapt Engineering customers.  Rehadapt mounting solutions will continue to be available and developed to serve all companies.  Support will continue to be provided in a similar fashion.

Does Tobii Dynavox intend to foreclose the availability of innovations and products of Rehadapt Engineering?

No. There is no intent to limit access of Rehadapt’s innovations and offering (products, existing and new) on any market.

How will Rehadapt Engineering be run after the acquisition?

Rehadapt Engineering will continue to be run as an independent company under the current management. Uli Ehlert, who is the CEO of Rehadapt Engineering, will continue in his current role for at least 12 months, together with the skilled and tenured teams of Rehadapt.   Rehadapt Engineering has built a strong organization, which will continue to operate under the familiar Rehadapt brand. 

What types of innovation do you foresee the acquisition will deliver?

Customers continually express the desire to have mounting solutions that are easy to setup and use with their communication device in different environments.  We believe that this can be achieved by working having our teams work together more closely.