…so what makes a good wheelchair mount?

A quality mount must be…


It is not an option to not use the communication device. Whatever the challenge is, the mount has to work.


The precious communication equipment has to survive rough treatment.

„quick & easy“

Applying and repositioning the device must not require a degree in engineering or superhuman powers.


There will always be a next wheelchair, a next device, a next challenge – a mount needs to be adaptable and expandable to fit future needs.


what‘s the point of a fantastic mount when it is not affortdable?


A mount needs to simplify everyday‘s life by functioning intuitively even to the least experienced caregiver


A mount accompanies the user everywhere. It should support communication and not distract.


To not alter the wheelchairs centre of gravity to much.

„Engineering from End to End“

Complete design, testing and almost 100% of all manufacturing steps are done in our plant in Germany. That allows for short development cycles and efficient quality control.


We use high performance Aluminium alloys, as in aircraft design, high-end bicycles or active wheelchairs. It‘s high-modulus strength at just 1/3 of the weight of steel allows for slick designs.

„Strength through Precision“

We take manufacturing precision serious. That‘s not just for the sake of German Engineering heritage – only perfect force fit between each component ensures stability to the entire mounting system.