TableTop ClampOnMount Dual CC

TableTop ClampOnMount Dual CC


Table-top mounting system. Dual corner-clamping solution. Very stable mounting of devices to boards up to 100 mm (4) thick. Very flexible with QuickShift levers for quick and easy adjustment. Includes Universal Device Socket (UDS-22-DC). With double clamp. Includes two vise-style adjustable table clamps.

  • super strong
    aircraft grade

  • quick release

  • adjustments
    in all


Our SuperClamp mounts to boards or other angular & round structures sized 13 - 55mm.

Quick release

REHAdapt’s signature tube joints allow for full 360° adjustment in all dimensions. With quick-shift levers.


Quick Release system with two levers allows for safe device attachment within seconds. With a small footprint on the device, yet great sturdiness!


Width (B) Length (L) Height (H) Deviceheight (D) Tube 1 Tube 2 Tube 3 Weight Load Capability
62 cm 67 cm 12 - 75 cm 75 cm - 40 cm - 1,5 kg 5,4 kg
24,4" 26,3" 4,7" - 29,5" 29,5" - 15,7" - 3,3 lbs 11,9 lbs

Schematic image to depict the measured dimensions. For concrete product image see above.