Universal Device Sockets

Rehadapt’s signature quick release system with ball-joint in three versions.


→ 16.1051
  • with 3 axes of rotation.

  • two levers for separated fixation of the ball joint and the tube clamp. This way, the weight of the device remains supported during repositioning.

  • The included bolts and Quickshiftlever allow you to replace or optimize the extisting fastening elements.
  • fixation with a bolt.

UDS-22 QuickShift

→ 16.1050
  • fixation with a QuickShift lever.


→ 16.1004
  • with 1 axis of rotation.

The most economic and compact version of Rehadapt‘s quick release system: sitting directly on the tube. Allows for the rotation around the tube axis. Fastened with a bolt.


→ 16.1005
  • with 2 axes of rotation.

Excellent compromise between economic yet flexible use of Rehadapt‘s quick release system. Allows for the rotation around the tube axis and the twisting of the screen. Fastened with a bolt.