Individualize using the highest
professional standards

When speciality
is the standard

Every individualized control set is different from each other – still providers don’t need to reinvent the wheel and tinker one-off solutions for every case. Rehadapt’s mounting system Light 3D allows customized mounts without welding, drilling or 3D printing. A wide range of standard building blocks as well as specific interfaces to all commonly used input devices, controls and wheelchairs build an ultimate richness of mounting options. Putting these building blocks together is really quick and almost joyful.

A modular system for endless possibilities
…like playing with
building blocks.

A full workshop on the go:
all essentials at hand

Our Control Mount Kit is a broad assortment of mounting items for control solutions such as switches, joysticks or wheelchair control units.

Building bridges:
maximized compatibility and modularity

The controller being mounted is the core of user benefit. Hence, our positing system supports all leading suppliers of joysticks, controls (e.g. REM, Dynamic Controls, R-Net) and switches (AbleNet, Haltija, etc.).

Hits the spot:
mounting solutions wherever needed

Typical spots for attaching switches and joysticks on powered wheelchairs are armrests, headrests, seat frames, footrests or backrests. The provided assortment of frame clamps makes it possible to create a sturdy and durable solution ad-hoc on-site – no matter what the user’s needs are. From different t-nut rail clamps to round and rectangular tubes – there is a mounting solution for lightweight device literally “out of the box”.


Control Mount Kit

Kit with broad assortment of mounting items for control solutions such as Switches, Joysticks or Wheelchair Control Units. Includes switches (19.9005). Specific DISCOUNT CONDITIONS for this product!

“The kit design is based on real-life experience of experts in the field,
and it underlines the professionalism of the specialists using it.”

How it all comes together: precision and flexibility

The connections of the rods are critical. Joints need to enable exactly the position required, have to be quick and easy to adjust during setup, but sturdy and durable during long-term use. Rehadapt offers three types of Light 3D joints.


Choose from a sortiment of different frame clamps to use every mounting spot on the wheelchair.



Choose from a sortiment of adapters to attach the most common switches and light weight devices.


Rigid tubes

Sturdy tubes made of aircraft grade aluminium in different lengths.


Flex tubes

Goose neck tubes for quick positioning of light weight devices.


Flex-back tubes

Springs back to its origin to compensate uncontrolled movements


3D joints

Full 360° stepless adjustment
in all dimensions


Swivel joints

Move your mount
between different positions


Fixed joints

Connect tubes at fixed angles
(65° and 90°)


Flexible tubes:
smart and safe

Precise yet flexible positioning of lightweight items. The flex back tubes give way, but always spring back into position. This makes them perfect to counter uncontrolled movements and preventing injuries and damage.

Everything at hand & neatly organized

Rehadapt’s Control Mount Kit includes the most frequently used components to build customized wheelchair mounts for controls. All the components are neatly packed in a sleek case that can be taken out onto a field trip. 

Solutions can be put together out of the box, tested and provided to the client immediately. This saves time in the workshop and a return trip for installation.

All components rest in shadow boards, neatly organized and readily accessible, but also well protected and easy to restock.

High quality workmanship

All Light 3D components are produced in Germany, meeting the highest expectations in workmanship and quality. Base materials are aircraft-grade, high-tensile yet lightweight aluminium alloys, that are processed on precision CNC machines. Precision in manufacturing translates directly into exact force-fit and therefore great sturdiness. Surfaces are anodized, meaning they are not only very durable, easy to clean and sleek looking, but also true to the size – which can never be reached to the same degree with painted surfaces or coatings.