Monty 3D EyeControl HD


Heavy duty wheelchair mount for devices over 2.3kg/5lbs with double-Tube foundation and anti-sagging element. backlash-free, swivel function. Specify frame clamp upon order.

Super strong aircraft grade aluminum
quick release system
solid fixation to any wheelchair
Rehadapt's signature tube joints allow for full 360¡ adjustment in all dimensions. With quickshift levers.
Heavy duty indicating strenght and stiffness achieved by use of double tubing. Result: Not merely doubled, but multiplied strength!
Quick Release system with two levers allows for safe device attachment within seconds. With a small footprint on the device, yet great sturdiness!


Wheelchair mount with Universal Device Socket (UDS). Perfect fit for eye controlled or any other device heavier than 3.2 kg / 7 lbs. Fully 3D adjustable joints via ratchet-style handles – ergonomic and quick adjustment without tools. Ratchet swivel bearing for 3 pre-defined positions: operating, exiting, parking. Quick removal from the wheelchair by easily pulling upward. With backlash-free swivel functions (lever-locked). The first tube is double strutting for more rigidity at higher loads. With double-clamp device holder. Extra-high load capacity through anti-sagging element in the Swivel joint.

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Dedicated communication devices





Quick release system



width- cm
length- cm
height- cm
deviceheight94 cm
tube150 cm
tube250 cm
tube340 cm
weight2,5 kg
loadcapacity6,0 kg
width- inch
length- inch
height- inch
deviceheight37,4 inch
tube119,7 inch
tube219,7 inch
tube315 inch
weight5.5 lbs
loadcapacity13,2 lbs