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Monty 3D Curved L-QS


Two-Tube mount with a 76 cm high (29,9″) Tube with an enhanced 30 cm offset (#11,8″) to place devices in front of the lap. Attachment on the side of the wheelchair. QuickShift joint. swivel unit with ratchet mechanism to prevent sagging. Double-clamp device socket.

super starkes Flugzeugaluminium
quick release system
solid fixation to any wheelchair
Rehadapt's signature tube joints allow for full 360¡ adjustment in all dimensions. With quickshift levers.
By first turning the quickshift lever, then slightly lifting and turning the mount the 3 built-in positions can be used.
Curved tubes in three sizes, to get extra offset from the mount attachment point without additional joints.


Wheelchair mount with Universal Device Socket (UDS). Fully 3D adjustable joints via ratchet-style handles – ergonomic and quick adjustment without tools. Two tube solution with enhanced offset tube for devices in front of lap. For attachment on the side of wheelchair. Bolted joints. Ratchet swivel bearing for 3 pre-defined positions: operating, exiting, parking. With backlash-free swivel functions (lever-locked). With double-clamp device holder. Extra-high load capacity through anti-sagging element in the Swivel joint.

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Dedicated communication devices





Quick release system



width40 cm
length40 cm
height76 cm
deviceheight96 cm
tube1- cm
tube240 cm
tube3- cm
weight1,6 kg
loadcapacity6,0 kg
width15,7 inch
length11,8 inch
height29,9 inch
deviceheight37,8 inch
tube1- inch
tube215,7 inch
tube3- inch
weight3,5 lbs
loadcapacity13,2 lbs