L3D GA Xbox Adaptive Controller


Device adapter to mount “L3D GA Xbox Adaptive Controller” to Rehadapt’s Light 3D System. This is a “must have” for gamers with special needs because it not only connects the controller to the mount, it also connects the user with the wonderful world of gaming.


The economic Spigot link system (SLS) device adapter for the Xbox Adaptive Controller combined with Rehadapt SLS mounting solutions enable more independent gaming.

With only a few simple steps, the adapter plate is easily mounted to the controller, using the screws that are included. When you combine the adapter plate with our universal L3D table and wheelchair mounts, the Xbox controller can be easily positioned, allowing for almost unlimited gaming.

With the SLS adapter plate, you can easily switch between your tablet holder or smartphone holder and the Xbox Adaptive Controller.

Can be combined for example with: L3D WC 3QS  L3D WC 3AK  L3D WC 2QS L3D TC 2QS L3D TC 3QS


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