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L3D Bed mount SLS


Innovative QuickShift mount with rigid Tube & gooseneck for device usage in bed, held by the weight of the matress. Combine with any Spigot Link System (SLS) cradle/device.

super starkes Flugzeugaluminium
clamps both to boards and round elements
Fit perfectly to your environment. Fleximounts can adjust to any shape. Goosenecks tubes for maximum flexibility.
Rehadapt's signature tube joints allow for full 360¡ adjustment in all dimensions. With quickshift levers.
Quick Release system with Spigot Link System allows for safe device attachment within seconds. With a small footprint on the device, yet great sturdiness!


Innovative mount with rigid tube & gooseneck for device usage in bed, held by the weight of the matress, no fixation to bed rails needed. Combine with any cradle or device equipped with REHAdapt’s Spigot Link System (SLS).

Additional information



Quick release system



width30 cm
length30 cm
height32 - 63 cm
deviceheight10 - 78 cm
tube1- cm
tube2- cm
tube3- cm
weight8,2 kg
loadcapacity1,5 kg
width11,8 inch
length11,8 inch
height12,5" - 24,8 inch
deviceheight3,9" - 30,7 inch
tube1- inch
tube2- inch
tube3- inch
weight18 lbs
loadcapacity3,3 lbs