GA Xbox Adaptive Controller


Device adapter for mounting “GA Xbox Adaptive Controller” to Rehadapt’s Universal Device Socket (UDS). Including fixation screws and rubber feet. This is a “must have” for the gamer with special needs.


This is a “must have” for the gamer with special needs, because it not only connects the Xbox controller to the mount, it also connects the user to the big world of gaming

The device adapter for the Xbox Adaptive Controller, in combination with a Rehadapt UDS mounting, offers the possibility to independent gaming. With a few simple steps, you easily mount the adapter with the included screws. The rubberized stabilizing feet prevent the Xbox controller from slipping away on flat surfaces, making gaming more accessible also for individuals with sometimes forceful movements.

In combination with our universal L3D / M3D table and wheelchair mounts, the adaptive Xbox controller is easily positioned, which allows for almost unlimited gaming. And with the UDS adapter plate, you effortlessly switch between the standard communication device and the Xbox Adaptive Controller.

Some of the recommended mounting systems for the Xbox adaptive controller are: Monty 3D QuickShift, Light 3D WC 3QS-U, ClampOnMount, and the FS-VarioLock floor stand. There are many other mounts that work perfectly well.

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