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Adam, his family, teachers and therapists are so excited about his new communication device from Tobii Dynavox and the mounting arm from Rehadapt Engineering that will mean he can always have it with him wherever goes.

Thank you to the teams at both of these remarkable companies that made this possible.

Inclusive Solutions , South Africa

Rehadapt tries to support dedicated programs to help individuals with special communication needs as often as possible.

In the course of celebrating Saltillo Corporation’s jubilee – a manufacturer of communication devices in the AAC field for 20 years now – Rehadapt was honored to present an individual mounting solution for the jubilee winner Alex. His new communication device is customized and perfectly adapted through our unique Virtual Mounting Solution (VMS) service.

„At school we are excited to use the mount because no matter which classroom he is in, the NovaChat can be in the right position for his visual and accessibility needs. It fits close to the chair so he can move around tight classrooms. He can even pull his chair up to the classroom tables.“

Sara Holjević is 8 years old, lives in Karlovac and has cerebral palsy. She can not walk or talk but communicate.

Using a speech generating device mounted by Rehadapt, Sara greatly improves communication with the environment. She can clearly express her feelings, needs and desires to learn, to answer questions and play games.

She has successfully started in school and we believe that our mounting solution is a great help in learning and mastering the program, and the successful establishment of communication in the new environment.

One of the users of our mounts, 10 year old Julia Nickel, became a celebrity after a video showcasing her and other Assistive Technology users gathered more than 1.5 million views on Youtube.

When she met us at Rehadapt‘s booth at Rehacare, we serviced her mount. In the following panel discussion she gave insights into Alternative and Augmentative Communication to a general audience.

We are glad you stopped by, Julia!