Two girls communicating-Rehadapt

Communication is something that most people take for granted. We rarely think about how we speak to others, we simply use our own voice without giving it much thought. However, many remarkable individuals live with mobility and communicative issues daily, and they need assistance with the things that many don’t even give a second thought to. They approach life from a completely different perspective.

This can include individuals with cerebral palsy, girls with Rett Syndrome, ALS or even spinal cord injuries. By changing our attitudes towards disabilities and having purpose-built assistive technology solutions in place, we can all help to create a sense of inclusion and normalcy.

The importance of inclusion and normalcy

Thanks to speech generating devices, switches, and tablets, there are many ways for individuals with speech and mobility impairments to communicate and interact with the world around them. However, without proper mounting, the available technology may become difficult to position, resulting in low usage. Also, without the right mounting solutions, an AAC device may look odd, and for some, that is a reason not to use it.

Of course, we shouldn’t be creating devices that are purposely difficult to use or look out of place. Instead, we need to offer solutions to the community that can help them become more comfortable and more effective in their communication. If assistive devices need to be used at all times for an individual to interact, then it makes sense to offer accessible options when it comes to mounting and using these tools.

Thankfully, steps are already being taken to help individuals with disabilities become a more integral part of society instead of being alienated due to their conditions. Whether it’s fitted clothing for individuals in a wheelchair from companies like Koolwaysport or Rehadapt’s high-quality assistive technology mounting equipment, the goal is to create a society where individuals are not seen for their condition, but for their personality and traits just like any other person.

Acceptance and accessibility are only the beginning

By changing the way we view disabilities and those who are forced to cope with mobility and communicative issues, we can move towards creating a more accepting society.

Rehadapt offers many effective mounting solutions that help improve access to AAC devices without making the wheelchairs looking cheap, tacky and improvised. It’s one step to improve attitudes towards individuals who depend on AAC and to offer a more comfortable and independent lifestyle. It can create a positive environment, enabling individuals to communicate more effectively and removing the typical stigma against assistive products that look tacky and poorly designed.