Floorstand Tele Float QP

Floorstand Tele Float QP


Telescopic rolling floorstand for electronic communication devices, free floating articulated arm for tool-less device positioning. Low ground clearance for positioning devices over beds, sofas, recliners or wheelchairs. Column height 103 to 173cm (40" – 68"). Quick pack features & rolling bag.

  • super strong
    aircraft grade

  • quick release

  • adjustments
    in all


Adjustment by Fingertip! All device weight is carried by the OneHand Arm. Move your device effortlessly & free in 3D space!

Telescopic column

The telescopic columns of the Tele– and Variostands are equipped with a gas spring. Adjusting to the required height is a snap and works so smoothly, that you‘ll find your-self pulling it in and out just for the fun of it!

Quick Pack

The optional Quick Pack feature allows to fold down the stands in literally no time. The handy rolling transpor-tation bag takes the edge of travelling with the equipment, in case it is used in several places.


Width (B) Length (L) Height (H) Deviceheight (D) Tube 1 Tube 2 Tube 3 Weight Load Capability
79 cm 79 cm 113 cm - 183 cm 98 - 206 cm 34 cm 33 cm - ? 2,0 - 6,0 kg
31,1" 31,1" 44,5" - 72,0" 38,6 - 81,1" 13,4" 13" - ? 4,4 - 13,2 lbs

Schematic image to depict the measured dimensions. For concrete product image see above.