Our Virtual Mounting Service is unique. It provides the best mounting solution because we respond to your specific needs. To make the workflow even more convenient for you we invented the “VMS to go” app. It gives you all the necessary tools to collect the required information in one place for a complete VMS request – even when you are offline.

Key features:

  • guided request form
  • full control over your data
  • automatic anonymization of pictures
  • collect all information offline
  • save a request for later completition
  • save your pictures inside the app
  • your own VMS history for resending or editing
  • multilanguage
  • setting default values for form fields

Thank you for your interest in testing the Rehadapt app “VMS to go”. If you haven’t been part of the beta testing program yet please send an email to appsupport@rehadapt.com.

To provide you with the right software packages please provide us with your mobile device type and version of its operating system.

Testing on Android systems

If you have an Android system you should have received an “.apk” file from Rehadapt. Although it is a signed Android package the latest Android systems will consider any app which is not deployed through the Google Play store as a security risk for your mobile device. You need your system to allow for installation of such kind of packages.

Testing on an iOS device

For iOS beta testing Apple uses the app “Testflight” to keep control over packages which were not obtained through their app store. Therefore you need to install “Testflight” from the official App Store first. There you can use a “redeem code” you will receive from Rehadapt to get access to the “VMS to go” app.

The “VMS to go” app is intended to be self-explanatory. Please let us know if something was not instantly intuitive to you and send feedback to appsupport@rehadapt.com.