MiniClamp Bundles

Switch mount with versatile small tube clamp, two L3D10 (Ø10 mm – 3/8”) tubes and two QuickShift joints to combine with any SLS switch adapter plate. Adapter not always included. Tube lengths: 100 x 150 mm (4 x 6”).

L3D MC 2QS Switch Mount

→ 14.5052
  • with two rigid tubes

L3D MC 2QS Switch Mounting Kit

→ 14.5552
  • with two rigid tubes

  • with three popular adapter plates

L3D MC 2QS Flex Switch Mounting Kit

→ 14.5553
  • with a rigid and a Flex Back tube

  • with three popular adapter plates

Our versatile MiniClamp

Quick to attach & detach and less bulky – our versatile MiniClamp is ideal for round or oval tubes of typical wheelchair frame diameters from 13 to 35mm (½” to 1 ⅜”). It comes with rubberized clutches and additional inlays to fit even on rectangular  tubes. Quick toolless fixation with a clamping lever. Optimal for lightweight items such as switches.