Combine it yourself
or choose a preconfigured kit

Combine different components to build your own bases – composed of a „tube socket“, an optional „offset spacer“ and a „frameclamp“. Appliable between any geared mating M3D 22mm / 7/8“ tube joint, base or swivel unit components.


swivel kits

for Madita Fun



Monty 3D frame clamp for the “Madita-Fun” wheelchair from “Schuchmann”. The clamp is suited for wheelchair frames with a racetrack-shaped profile (length=35mm; width=20mm).

for Ergotron

M3D-1-Base Ergo52


MONTY-3D Base unit to mount onto the Ergotron stand column 51mm (2“).

for headrests

L3D10-Base E16


LIGHT-3D-10 Base-unit with frame clamp for rectangular elements from 10 to 16 mm (3/8“ to 5/8“) wide, holds 10mm (3/8“) L3D tubes.

Frame Clamps

Adapters & Couplers

for rectangular frames

for T-nut rails

with threaded holes

for special brands

Offset Spacer

Tube Sockets

Swivel halfs