Assessment Kits

Essential Tools for Positioning ‐ Mounting comes Handy

Standard and Premium Kits
come with a folding carry cart

Assessment Kit Light



Assessment Kit Standard



Assessment Kit Premium



„The key to turn technology
into Assistive Technology“

Positioning has always been key to turn technology into Assistive Technology. Finding the right spot for devices, displays or access tools is an important part of every evaluation. The needs of assessment teams on that quest were guiding the development of the REHAdapt Assessment Kits.

The results are truly spectacular

Composed of field-tested assortments of items for real life scenarios

Held ready in highly durable, mobile, and easy to maintain cases

With helpful documentation, supporting beginners & advanced users

Heavily subsidized to make these essential tools truly affordable

REHAdapt Assessment Kits come with individual order codes that allow for life-long discounts when parts of the Kits need to be re-stocked.

Thoughtfully composed selections to bring mounting into the standard toolbox of high-caseload assessors & consultants – and into their budget!

Please allow for the Assessment Kits a delivery time of up to 3 weeks.

Cases and stacked layer modules

All Assessment Kits come in neat cases where every item has its place. The cases have all the same width & length, but different heights to hold stacked layer modules.

  • assessment kit documentation
  • general device attachment articles and tools
  • L3D items to mount lightweight technology
  • Monty 3D parts to mount full weight SGDs
  • extra L3D/M3D items & specialized wheelchair attachments


Assessment Kits